Art Workshops

Art Jamming

Age 7 & up

Welcome to Art Jamming - where creativity comes alive! Unleash your artistic spirit in a vibrant space with friends, family, or colleagues. Our studio provides top-notch materials for you to experiment with colors and techniques. Perfect for team-building or a unique celebration, Art Jamming is your canvas for boundless imagination and fun. Let your creativity flow and make your mark on the canvas in this unique and inspiring experience!

It Includes:

  • Choice of 1pc 40x50cm rectangle canvas
  • A carrier bag for you to store and bring home your masterpiece
  • All painting tools and materials provided

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours (additional hours chargeable)

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Acrylic Painting

Age 7 & up

Dive into the world of acrylics with our engaging Acrylic Workshop. Perfect for all levels, this hands-on session explores techniques, color blending, and artistic expression. Led by experienced instructors, it's an opportunity to enhance your skills and create vibrant, personalized masterpieces. Join us and unleash your creativity in our dynamic Acrylic Workshop!

Duration: 120 mins

All materials will be provided.

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