I am Rahat Makhdoomi residing in Singapore. I am originally from the beautiful Valley of Kashmir which is considered as the heaven on Earth.


“Art is a soothing therapy”

My passion for painting started quite early in my life. I was just a small child when I started sketching and painting as a hobby. I got deeply interested in painting during a visit to one of my neighbour’s daughter who had a great passion for painting and a keen eye for details. Since in our home town, painting is not considered as a career of choice, I started getting tuitions for my school course from her sister just to sneak sometime to catchup with her to learn the nitty-gritty of paintings.

Even though I studied Computer Applications and completed my Masters in the same, I devoted a good portion of my time doing sketching and painting.  After I came to Singapore, thanks to my husband who supports me and helps me to fulfill my dream, I decided to make painting my full time career and thus joined Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to hone my skills and learn from talented Artists teaching there. 

I participated in some exhibitions, which was very encouraging and provided me with a new perspective from the visitors point of view.

The subject of Art is a vast ocean, I want to remain a lifetime student and hope to learn from the wonderful artists around the world.

My Paintings are based on Modern & Contemporary Art.

 I create Abstract paintings and I create Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour Paintings  which requires a completely new skill set getting me excited to learn more.