DSA Portfolio Programme

Direct School Admission to Sec 1: Art Portfolio Class

Suitable for Age 9 to 12 ( Primary 3 to Primary 6)

🌟 About Us: Our specialized art portfolio class is designed to equip students with creative thinking, technical knowledge, and skills essential for developing a unique portfolio. With small class sizes, our experienced educators personalize lessons to cater to each child's strengths and areas of growth.

💡 Our Approach: We encourage students to delve deeply into their work and cultivate their own artistic style. Our friendly, patient, and skilled teachers guide them in transforming their ideas into a captivating portfolio for secondary school admission.

📚 Program Overview:

  • Techniques & Observation Skills: Lines, space, forms, colors, perspectives.
  • Subjects: Still life, landscape, portraits, abstract (including people, animals, and nature).
  • Art Medium: Pencil, pastels, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, and clay.
  • Sketchbook Process & Portfolio: Build an impressive and unique personal portfolio with pencil sketching, canvas, mix medium, and more.

📆 Schedule & Availability:

  • Weekday and/or weekend classes available

🏫 Environment:

  • Modern and conducive learning environment

🔍 Benefits:

  • Gain an advantage in choosing your preferred secondary school

📞 Contact Us: WhatsApp 84350853

Unlock your child's creative potential with our Art Portfolio Class! 🎨