Order Commissioned Artwork


I accept requests to create a commissioned artwork. You can use the contact form on my website to send in a request to initiate the conversation or email directly at contact@murcyart.com or you can click on whatsapp link and can directly chat with me. All original artwork is copyright of MurcyArt and Certificate of Authenticity will be provided and the artwork will be signed.

What to expect.

I use Oil and Acrylic paints with tools like brushes and knives (my favourite) to paint on canvasses & wood logs of different sizes & shapes. Using knives gives the artwork a 3D rich heavy texture which appeals to the eye and delights the onlooker. I also use gold and silver leaves to decorate my art. The artwork is sealed with a high gloss varnish protecting the surface on a long term. 

As every artist has a different style, it is difficult to express it in words, I would strongly suggest to look at my artwork on my website to have an idea of my style. 

What to order.

1. Brand new artwork.

If you have an idea or a photo, you can send the same to me to order an artwork based on that. You will have the choice to customise colours and canvas size for the artwork. 
Usually with an idea on an artwork without any visual clue, I would take you through the process to ensure I understand your concept before starting the actual work. This is usually quite interesting as people have brilliant ideas and putting it down on the canvas is satisfying.

2. Re-order sold artwork on my website.

You can order an already sold artwork on my website with colour & canvas size customization as per your requirement. I will be glad to provide inputs on colour and texture to suit the appeal of the artwork. Since each artwork process is unique, please expect slight differences from the one displayed on the website.

There are some unique artworks where only 1 piece is created and sold. These artworks will never to recreated and the owner has the privilege of owning it uniquely.

3. Re-order unsold artwork on my website with required customisations.

You can order customisation to an unsold artwork on my website (usage of different colour & canvas size). I will be glad to provide inputs on colour and texture to suit the appeal of the artwork . Since each artwork process is unique, please expect slight differences from the one displayed on the website.

4. Portraits.

You can order to create a portrait of your loved ones by sending the picture across. The canvas size can be customised as per your preference.  

5. Payment Terms.

The price depends on the complexity, size and texture of the canvas. I will communicate the price to you after understanding the whole idea of the artwork. Advance 50% payment is required to start the work on the artwork. The remaining 50% to be paid after the artwork is completed and ready to ship. Upon quoting the price, it is valid for 30 calendar days for you to accept and make the advance payment.

6. Time to deliver. 

It typically takes around 2-4 weeks to finish the commissioned artwork. For oil textured artworks using knives require longer time to cure (around 4 weeks) before it can be shipped safely. I will let you know based on your requirements on how long to expect the artwork to be ready to ship.

I adhere to the principle of providing you with an appealing artwork which will add beauty to your collection.

Chibi Naruto Characters

Get ready to sketch your favorite Naruto characters in adorable Chibi style!

Let's explore our creativity together and have a blast bringing these iconic characters to life!

Can't wait to see your ninja art skills!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Age 7 & up

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Kakashi Hatake

Unleash your inner ninja in our acrylic workshop!

Join us to capture Kakashi Hatake's essence on canvas. All skill levels welcome!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Age 7 and up

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Anya from Spy X Family

A beloved character from the popular manga and anime series "Spy x Family." Anya is known for her adventurous spirit and charming personality, making her an excellent subject for artistic exploration.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Age 7 and up

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Your Favourite Painting?

You are encouraged to choose your favorite character, place, or any subject they desire as inspiration for an artwork. Whether it's a beloved character from a story, a breathtaking landscape, or a whimsical creation from your imagination, attendees have the freedom to express themselves creatively.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Age: 7 and up

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